Right – let’s get this started…

Right – let’s get this started…

So let’s just say that the idea of doing this blog didn’t quite take off. It’s two almost years since I had the idea but then I never did anything with it.

Taking that into consideration, it’s a good thing that the actual plan to lose weight got off to a more successful start…

I think the biggest problem I had when I decided to start this whole #FatToFit thing is that I didn’t really know what the hell I was doing.

“I’m gonna stop eating crap” is a pretty obvious thing to say and “I’m gonna exercise more” is another, but without any kind of real plan in place, it’s a lot harder than you think to actually get off your arse and start doing something.

The actual turning point came when the wife decided to join a local gym on the recommendation of a friend, and then said I should give it a go.

To be honest, the thought of going doing Personal Training sessions filled me with dread but you’ve gotta be in it to win it as they say.

It’s proven to be one of the best decisions I’ve made.

The first stage was a ten week block of one-to-one sessions with Ste Barlow, owner of the PT Studio in Wigan.

Those sessions provided me with a chance to see what I was actually capable of, and his knowledge and help gave me an insight into what I needed to do from a diet point of view.

Truth be told, whilst I enjoyed the sessions, I’ve always been someone who works better when there is an element of competition involved.

Even in a working environment, I’ve always thrived off the race to get a story first, so it made sense to try and use that approach to my training.

Ste’s ‘Challenges’ are ideal for someone like me in that sense.

Running for ten weeks at a time, the challenges offer the chance to take part in unlimited classes every week and give access to a full nutritional plan to help you along the way.

With more than 200 pages of information, it’s not going to save the planet when you want to print it off, but it is going to help you more than you’d imagine.

Having started my weight loss and fitness journey with the PT sessions, January’s challenge was the next step and it went better than I could have ever expected.

Week by week, my body changed as the weight dropped off, my body fat reduced and muscle started to go on. I found myself enjoying going to the gym, started to make new friends – started to see why people get drawn into changing their way of life.

With the challenge at an end, I found myself signing up for unlimited classes for the next month before a second challenge kicked off and then it was full focus again on trying to better myself.

It means that now, I’ve lost the best part of three stone, god knows how many inches and am starting to work on trying to uncover the six pack that I know is hiding there somewhere.

So what makes me think that now is the time to resurrect this blog?

Well the big changes have happened now and its the small steps to come that are going to be the most difficult. Maintaining the work I’ve done so far and not letting it all go to waste will be key.

From this point on, I’m gonna put things down into words and document how it’s going – be that good or bad – and hopefully that’ll help me to keep my motivation high and might also encourage others at the same time (assuming of course that my ramblings are of any interest to people).

I’ll try my best to get some words down at least once a week around a full-time job, freelancing in PR, spending time with the family and training – and we’ll see how it does from there.

For the record though, the fat bastard who loved cakes is now hitting the gym up to seven times a week.

How things change…